Library That Looks Like Me
Valley Ranch Elementary - Fall 2015
Jodi Schleter, Amanda Goss, Amber Hayes, Karlye Hopson, Ashley LaPaglia and Kim Schrader

Vallley Ranch Elementary's Jodi Schleter, Amanda Goss, Amber Hayes, Karlye Hopson, Ashley LaPaglia and Kim Schrader received $2,700 for "Library that Looks Like Me."  These teachers noted that their class libraries did not adequately reflect the diversity of the children reading the books. 80% of their school demographic is Asian with at least 29 different languages spoken at home. Emerging readers (as well as proficient ones) need to connect with the books they read. When a reader sees characters that they identify with culturally, physically, etc. they feel valued and valuable.  These feelings of belonging are essential to create a safe learning environment for all students to thrive emotionally and academically. 

This extension of their read-aloud library, funded by this grant, greatly benefited their students, especially English language students, allowing them to have multiple opportunities to revisit books that teachers previously read aloud to them during literacy to develop connections. Revisiting books is vital to English language students as they normally need repetition to truly gain the knowledge and learn to appreciate and love literature. American born students along with their immigrant counterparts gain a better understanding of their friends as they become global student as they are exposed to new stories from other regions of the world.  A culturally diverse class library provides limitless possibilities to connect students to their world, each other, and help build a true world community while learning all the essential literacy skills that prepare them for their future readiness.
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