Kids Getting 'K'onnected with K'Nex
Town Center Elementary
Kelly Coleman, Lisa Hansen, Ashley Minton, and Brooke Sims

Town Center Elementary's Kelly Coleman, Lisa Hansen, Ashley Minton and Brook Sims received $4,500 for "Kids Getting 'K'onnected with K'Nex."  Elementary school students have difficulty grasping abstract concepts such as the relationship between mass and distance, kinetic and potential energy and 3D geometric shapes.  By using K’Nex cubes, those concepts will become concrete. K’Nex cubes allow for problem-based learning and will supplement the existing curriculum by giving students the opportunity to think critically.  Student engagement also increases through manipulation of concrete objects.  With the K’Nex cubes, students are able to use knowledge of math, science and the engineering design process to solve complex problems.      
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