Recognizing elementary and middle school students and
CISD employees across the district

Nomination Deadline: Closed

CISD is full of dedicated and hardworking students, teachers, administrators and support staff who often go above and beyond. We would like to give you the opportunity to shine a spotlight on these students and CISD employees by nominating them to be a  Super Star. 
Who can nominate a student?
Any CISD employee (teacher, administrator or support staff) can nominate a student.
Who can nominate a CISD employee (teacher, administrator or support staff)?
Any parent, middle school student or CISD employee can nominate a CISD employee.
Next nomination deadline: Closed

For each nomination period, two students per grade and three CISD employees will be selected at elementary schools and five students per grade and five CISD employees will be selected at middle schools.
Awards are presented at school assemblies, on the morning announcements or in the classroom, depending on the school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be notified if my nominee is selected?
Yes, the person who nominates the Super Star winner will receive an email 1-2 days prior to the awards presentation.

How often can someone be selected?
A student or CISD employee can only be selected once per school year.

What happens if I nominate someone who has already been selected during this school year?
The nominee cannot be selected again, however, the nominee will receive a certificate with your nomination listed.

If my nominee is not selected, will the nomination carry forward to the next period or cycle?
The nomination will automatically be rolled to the next cycle unless it is the end of the semester.  At the end of each semester, all nominations not selected will be printed on certificates and given to the nominees. 

What do the recipients receive?
The recipients receive a Super Star shirt, a certificate with your nomination printed on it and either a mechanical pencil or a pen/stylus.
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