Ukuleles: Building a Musical Future One String at a Time
Denton Creek Elementary
Angela Knipe

Denton Creek Elementary’s Angela Knipe received $1,620 for “Ukuleles: Building a Musical Future One String at a Time.” This funded 30 ukuleles and 15 tuners.  Ukuleles have proven to be learner-friendly as well an excellent tool in enhancing fine motor-skills.  With the ukulele, children who learn at different rates can all play the same song because it can be taught in layers. Some learners will play a song by plucking individual notes, and others will play by strumming more complex chords.  Playing and singing at the same time adds yet another dimension. Being able to differentiate and teach learners to reach their own musical goals, while still making music as a group, can change the whole dynamic of the classroom. 
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